Send a Kindness Gram

Spiral Wishing Well Seed Grant Program is a global organization that exists to enhance the lives of children and families in a variety of ways. It is funded by anonymous entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.

Its original initiative has been providing a simple way to spread joy through the sending of online encouragement in the form of "Kindness Grams".

A project announced for 2007 is to provide initial seed funding for Spiral Wishing Wells that are placed in stores and other retail locations where they raise money for a variety of non-profit charities and other projects.

These devices have raised over $200 million for charities around the world over the past few years without requiring the difficult task of organizing volunteer employees to perform extra work, and without "soliciting" customers, both of which are very appealing to stores.

Because of their successful track record, has chosen to help overcome the initial barrier of the cost of the devices by providing these interest-free Seed Grants.

For more information about Spiral Wishing Wells and to review the Spiral Wishing Well Seed Grant Program, please click here.

Spiral Wishing Well Seed Grant Application Form

If you would like to apply for a Spiral Wishing Well Seed Grant, please copy and paste the following form onto your letterhead, and fax or mail it to us (fax and mailing details at the bottom of this page), along with supporting documentation such as brochures, non-profit tax verification, or other materials required herein.

Applicant’s Personal Name and Title  
Applicant’s Company or Organization Name  
Charitable Recipient Organization Web Site Address  
City, State, Zip  
Email Address  
Please specify the quantity of Wells for which this Grant is requested.
___ Two Footers, ___Three Footers, ___Seven-Footers

If the Applicant is a store, please describe the location(s) within the store(s) where the Well(s) will be placed. A featured location inside entrances and exits is much more productive than other locations. If it will help us understand your description, please include a digital photograph.



*If the Applicant is NOT a store, please include an official letter from the store verifying that they will be allowing you to place a Well(s). A verification letter should include the location within the store(s) as described above.

*If the Applicant is NOT the recipient charity, please include a letter from the recipient verifying that they agree to receive 100% of the proceeds from the Well(s) after their Grant portion has been repaid.

Please include any other details that will help us evaluate your qualifications to receive this Grant.


By submitting this Application you agree to the following:

1) The Spiral Wishing Well Seed Grant Program exists to help with initial funding so the Applicant can acquire Spiral Wishing Wells for the purpose of raising philanthropic funds for non-profit organizations or projects.

2) The Applicant agrees to repay with the full initial gross revenue that is donated into the Well(s) or from sponsorships or advertising placed on the Well(s). Said payments are due on a monthly basis, payable by the 5th of the month for the preceding month’s revenue by a check payable to Simple payment coupons will be supplied by that show the location, the amount collected and submitted, and the remaining balance for each particular Well.

3) It is this repayment that will allow to continue to help other organizations to acquire and place Wells, and the Applicant understands and agrees that it is an obligation, not an optional choice.

4) After the Grant has been repaid with the initial proceeds, 100% of the revenue received into the Well will be given to a non-profit organization or approved project.

5) After the Seed Grant has been repaid, no individual, for-profit company, or other for-profit entity will earn any portion of the Spiral Wishing Well proceeds as payment or commission or profit of any kind.

6) It is the responsibility of the Applicant to keep the Wells in the approved locations described above, and in proper working condition. The Applicant is responsible to replace any broken parts immediately, and is entitled to the discounted parts prices listed on

7) In the event that Spiral Wishing Well(s) funded by this Seed Grant are removed from the above approved location(s) prior to the full repayment of the Seed Grant, the Applicant agrees to the following:

a. Relocate the Wells to an equivalent retail space approved by the within 30 days, or
b. Submit a check within 30 days for the balance of the amount owed, or
c. Make other arrangements that are approved by, or
d. If one of the above options is not exercised within 30 days, the Applicant agrees to be responsible for safely packaging and returning the Well(s) via prepaid shipping, and for any costs associated with retrieval by, including but not limited to reasonable legal fees. If the Wells are returned, any previously-received payments will be forfeited. Therefore, it is in the best interests of all parties that this option not be used.

8) This Application and Agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Ohio as to all matters. If the Agreement is disputed, the parties agree to binding arbitration by the American Arbitration Association. The place of mediation shall be Dayton, Ohio.

My signature below verifies that the above answers are true and complete, and on behalf of my company, corporation, or organization, I agree to the above terms and the conditions stated herein.



Printed Name






Thank you for your Application. We will notify you within 3 business days of our decision or if we need any additional information.

Fax to:


Mail to: Project Kindness
---------Grant Application
---------321 Alexandersville Road
---------Miamisburg, OH 45342